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Meet our Mentors

Research Fellow, Medicinal Chemistry & Neuroscience Research Project Lead
Gayathri Ramaswamy, Ph.D.: Neurodegeneration & Neurological Diseases
Neuroscience Chief Scientific Officer
Neurodegeneration & Neurological Diseases
Derek L. Buhl, Ph.D.: Hippocampal Function
Principal Scientist, Head of Hippocampus/Prefrontal Cortex Electrophysiology
Tom Helton, Ph.D.: Neurodegeration and Neuropathic Pain
Principal Scientist & Lab Head
Warren Hirst : Neurodegeneration & Neurological Diseases
Doug Johnson : Medicinal Chemistry
Rouba Kozak : Psychiatry
Schizophrenia, models of cognition, Ach biology
Pre-LD Lab Head, Psychiatry & Behavioral Disorders
Head, Neuroinflammation Research